Colorado Color Palette


While working on The OLC Albums, I found a particular location that caught my eye from a completely different perspective: The image before my eyes was something between a candid life artwork that could have been painted by a baroque artist like Jan Brueghel the Elder, and a couple of pages from "Where is Waldo?"

I couldn't capture that very first image quick enough, but I think this later one is also pretty accurate:

I spent a couple of hours browsing the location, screen-capturing some more images now and then, but soon enough I realized that even though the location was damn interesting, the images didn't have any narrative at all nor photographic interest as a series.

The propinquity with "Where is Waldo?" led me to this small experiment where the landscape is just the context for some other smaller stories. The exaggerated expansion of the pixels turned the baroque images into Morisot-esque watercolors, and from the small pieces, a new story found its own narrative.

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